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KSM Corporation KSM Corporation
The reliability and performance of KSM’s edge welded bellows assemblies are well recognized by OEM and R&D customers in UHV industries. KSM recognizes the critical function of clean parts and has dedicated production lines in a Class 1000 cleanroom.
Angstrom Engineering Inc. Angstrom Engineering Inc.
Angstrom manufactures PVD & CVD systems for the thin film research community. We offer system configuration flexibility while providing unmatched value through innovative designs, caring customer support and quality workmanship.
Wide Range Vacuum Gauges
The INFICON wide range vacuum gauges offer superior accuracy and reliability in compact designs. Four ...
Targets for PVD Hard Coatings
Used as hard material layers on tools, components and decorative items, our metals prove their ...
Picosun -- Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
Picosun is the leading, world-wide operating manufacturer of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems, representing continuity ...
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