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Southwest Seal and Supply Southwest Seal and Supply
Established in 1979, Southwest Seal and Supply has grown to become one of the most predominant distributors of sealing, gasketing and fluid controls products in the southwest.
Sputtering targets, IIP spare parts, evaporation boats and more. Sputtering targets, IIP spare parts, evaporation boats and more.
Based on strong metals and unbeatable quality. Made of Mo, W, Ta, Nb and their alloys.
Targets for PVD Hard Coatings
Used as hard material layers on tools, components and decorative items, our metals prove their ...
Picosun -- Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
Picosun is the leading, world-wide operating manufacturer of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems, representing continuity ...
VAT is the worldwide leader in vacuum valve technology
VAT valves are standard components in vacuum production and research facilities. These facilities are constantly ...
Leak Detection with Hydrogen
Sensistor, today INFICON, is the pioneer that created the Hydrogen Method for leak detection. This ...
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    Great microscopy
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    good variety
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